Plate 26 cm metallic grey, height 35 cm

Year-round supply

In Chinese culture this toadstool has a spiritual value to a large extent and is called “the divine toadstool of immortality”. The reishi is one of the most successful and ultra traditional toadstools from the east with healing qualities. It contains substances which help with the building of the immune system, decrease the blood sugar, inflammatory and activate the protein synthesis in blood, liver and marrowbone.

For many years people have tried to cultivate the reishi. After years of testing we are now successful in an organic cultivation of this reishi. By our special cultivation methods each reishi has been formed to a piece of art and is sustainable for a long time.


You can put the reishi inside as well as outside. The reishi needs no care. Inside a woodening occurs and when you put the reishi outside, not in the wind, it grows on. A beautifully shining fungus, as if it has been varnished. Winter hard and non toxic. Intended for decoration and not for consumption.