Year-round supply

Tunesian pot 16 cm

“Get the mysticism of the toadstool to your garden”

The bracket fungus is a toadstool. It grows all the year round and is a general saprophyte of one year old on stubs and branches of deciduous trees. Sometimes you can find the bracket fungus on the fir. The fruit-bodies grow on one side of the stub or branch.

A special quality of this toadstool is the medicinal effect. You can make tea of the dried toadstool as a remedy against influenza.


The bracket fungus is a natural product and needs little care. Put this toadstool outside in rain or dew. During the summer the bracket fungus prefers a shady and humid position. It is not necessary to give extra water. This grateful toadstool will give you joy for months on your balcony, terrace or in the garden. The color pattern of this uneatable toadstool is dependent on the climate. Winter hard and non toxic. Intended for decoration and not for consumption.